Symphony Signature Ananda Massage
$98 (90min, U.P. $280)

Be ready for pampering beyond bliss! We’ll align and harmonize your body, mind and soul through various modalities which include, Ancient Tibetan Singing Bells + Aromatic Body Spray + Centella Asiatica Miracle Herb Organic Oil + Therapeutic Massage + Ayurverdic Scalp Massage + Tourmaline Healing (optional choice of Ba Guan Therapy)

Couple Retreat
$158 per couple (100min, U.P. $360)

Includes Full Body Massage (60min) + Dead Sea Mineral Rich Salt Crystal Private Jacuzzi (40min)


Chinese Meridian 4-IN-1 Slimming Treatment
$69 (60min, U.P. $280)

Ancient Chinese meridian point techniques combined with a choice of Bian Stone or Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy to enhance the body’s own ability to cleanse and alleviate toxins.

Radio Frequency Slimming Treatment + Vacuum Therapy
at $68 (30min, U.P. $128)

Radio Frequency produces heat energy to improve blood circulation, increase rate of metabolism and promote effective discharge of cellulite. The treatment is then completed with oriental cupping massage by vacuum suction to promote lymphatic drainage, relieve muscle tension and aches and shape up one's body.


Organic Bust Treatment
$60 (60min, U.P. $200)

Using purely organic ingredients including Extract of Fenugreek for firming and increasing of tone and elasticity to Sesame Oil for nourishing and Hazelnut Oil to add better absorption, are just a few of the ingredients we use for the Centella Breast Firming Serum. This au natural treatment aids to restore the tone, firmness and vitality of the breasts, suitable for people who have saggy breasts due to post-pregnancy and/or age factor, unequal and/or unsatisfactory sized breasts.

Centella Organic Treatment Facial
$88 (90min, U.P. $250)

Certified organic facial using miracle herb Centella Asiatica to accelerate skin healing, promote collagen synthesis and prevent premature aging. Facial includes Diamond Peel Exfoliation/Scrubber/Hot or Cold Hammer/Ultrasound Therapy.

Add-on Treatment to Facial
Radiancy LHE Focus Therapy
$48 (U.P. $100)

Clinically proven Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology penetrates the dermis to reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, increase elasticity, decrease pore size and stimulate collagen production. A safe and effective must-try to turning back time and bringing back your youthful appearance.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Consultation + Spinal/Posture Check + Full Treatment
$68 (U.P. $190)

Chiropractic effectively manages body pains, aches, corrects posture and improves bodily functions and health. Suitable for people suffering from back/neck aches, joint pains, sport injuries, headache/migraine, whiplash, frozen shoulder, scoliosis and arthritis.

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for first-time male and female customers aged 21 years and above, Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only.
  • Please quote 'website' promotion when making an appointment, subject to availability.